A Dance with Domination (Collars & Cuffs #4) by K.C. Wells

WARNING: Vulgar language and NSFW depictions below.


This one might sound a little rushed, but I wanted to write this review while it was still fresh.

Starting with Andrew, because that is a man after my heart. And as the MC in this lovely novel, he definitely did his job. Right from the beginning I knew he was going to be a great MC to follow. I do have to say, I was completely shocked when Andrew turned out to be a stripper himself. images-3.jpeg

Come on, lets be honest here. Andrew the Dom is hot.

– Gareth

And then his first scene at Collars & Cuffs, oh hot daaamn. At first I thought Dorian was supposed to be his match made in heaven, with the way the boy responded to him in his Collars & Cuffs audition scene, but the constant focus on Bliss (the strip club) had me doing double takes. Until about 40%, I wasn’t entirely too sure who Andrew was going to end up with… and I have to say, not knowing the outcome? It only made me love him 10x more. (It probably didn’t help that I kept getting Gareth’s stage name confused with Dorian Forrester from Collars & Cuffs…) But lets face it, his scenes with Dorian were hot af.

“I will let you come, boy. But you’re going to hold back your orgasm until you feel that you can’t stand it another second.” He winked. “And even then I’ll push you just a little further.”


I decided not to read the blurb on this one since I’d read all of the books in the series up to this one (which I’m hoping to review soon), and I obviously knew I’d love it (thank you K.C. Wells). But reading through this one, knowing that I didn’t have any more information than Andrew did? It made me feel closer to him as a character. That’s a tactic I hope to employ more in the future.


And Gareth, ugh, where do I begin with this boy? The fidgety little sub who needs some focus in his life. Gareth was everything I thought a stripper at Bliss would be.

“So use your skills, honey. Work that gorgeous body. Drive the man out. Of.  His. Mind.”

– Madison

It was also nice to see a difference in characters. It’s obvious to me that K.C. Wells creates completely different personas and reactions/responses that are connected to them. After reading about Leo Hart in An Unlocked Heart (Collars & Cuffs #1), Peter in Trusting Thomas (Collars & Cuffs #2), and Scott Keating in Someone to Keep Me (Collars & Cuffs #3), I was shocked to see yet another book in this series centered around major loss and trauma. I honestly expected them all to blend together as the same characters by this point… but each character seems to have had a completely unique reaction. And I loved the strength and determination Gareth responded with when he knew he had Andrew with him.

And that scene in the skybox…


Need I say more?

Every single scene in this book was delicious beyond words. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Andrew knew how to work a crowd, in or out of a scene. But it was his skill in Shibari that hooked me.







This book completely destroyed me.

Oh, God, but I loved you in that moment.

And now that I’m done, God, I just feel… raw. Most of this one was pretty sweet, and it was definitely a slow start, but the last 4-5 pages left me feeling like someone had laid me bare and was snapping off my ribs to get to my heart. Throughout this book, I’d somewhat come to love Andrew, and the way he remembered Brian, fuck! I’d be honestly surprised if K.C. Wells didn’t know exactly how it felt to lose a lover.

He raised his glass to the photo. “Here we are, love. November 22 finally got here.”


This is one of those books that you have to pause after and just collect your thoughts, not because it’s confusing or hard to understand, but because the raw emotion of it is entirely too taxing.

Well done, K.C. Wells. Well done.


Now you just need to jump on that book about Madison and Ryder… like, pronto. That shower scene was hawt.


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