Dawn to Dusk by Alina Popescu



This book completely  blew me away. I read it all in one sitting, and when I finished it all I could do was sit in silence and think about Edi and the choices he’d made to get where he was. He reminded me so much of myself and my own first love that reading this book was as probably as close as I could get to reliving that time in my life.

I began the book smiling, reading about this young boy who wanted nothing more than to impress the older kid and enjoy every minute of summer before going back to school. Edi was sweet, simple, and a little bit stubborn.

If I had to hide who I liked, I damn well wouldn’t conform to their short hair demands.

As the years passed and Edi grew I found myself no longer smiling. Edi was still the same old Edi, but he was older, and his awareness of his feelings, both for Robert and the place he grew up, definitely pulled in a heavier tone.

The library had made the past summers better. Whenever I missed him most, I’d go there and look for books I knew he’d read.

This book was a true coming of age tale, and I loved every bittersweet page. Popescu perfectly captured what it means to grow up and watch the magic fade away right before your eyes.

Tiny and almost dried out of existence, with the shrinking walls and dying grass, this was still the cradle of all my boyish adventures. I felt it slip through my fingers. I’d enjoy myself, but I’d never again be awed by this place. I’d outgrown it.

Edi’s relationship with Robert was, well, disappointing. Not in the sense that it made me dislike the book, but in the sense that it planted that seed of angst and guilt? in my chest that lingered there for hours, even after finishing the novel. My story was so very similar to Edi’s and yet here I was, passing judgement on this character for being so passive and accepting when he should be angry.

Didn’t everybody say first loves are supposed to be all great and unforgettable? Why the f*ck did they leave out the part about hurting so bad, you’d want to tear your soul out?

Despite the frustration I felt, Edi is the type of MC that I couldn’t help but love. His concern for his own wellbeing was completely sidelined by his love for Robert, something I’m all too familiar with. My connection to Edi as a character is very personal, but I don’t think it’s necessary to that extent to enjoy this book.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for book 2!!!

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Reviewed by Jordan at Alpha Book Club.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the author or the publisher in any way.



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