Who am I again?

Oh that’s wright, someone who has wayyyy too much time on their hands (see what I did there?). Yeah I know I’m not funny… but I’m going to keep the lame jokes coming anyway.

In any case, I guess I should say something about myself, yeah? Uhh… I’m a 20-something year old INTJ who spends entirely too much time with my face buried between pages (or glued to a screen, in the case of my Kindle). I love reading about stupid boys falling in love with each other and sometimes being stupid.

Reviewing books wasn’t something I planned on making a hobby, but after writing my first serious review for a book called Sutphin Boulevard (eeyyyyyyy, Santino)… I couldn’t stop. I seriously couldn’t help it.

I live with her majesty, royal highness and have vowed to always cater to her needs (aka, my chihuahua – Kaya). We like biking together and she quite enjoys sleeping on recently fluffed pillows while I try to improvise with a blanket under my head.

I consider myself a pen enthusiast (yes, my writing utensils really matter that much). I’m a hobby artist (watercolor painting and poly clay) and entirely too geeky for my own good. I read a lot of books but I also read a lot of fan fiction and let me tell you, I don’t even have to be a member of a fandom to indulge in a good fic. I’m an equal opportunity fic lover.

Uhhhhh what else? I’m a college student studying Nutrition, with plans to start a business focused on helping people eat better (not only for their health but for the planet) – aka vegan. Don’t argue with me on this one, I will not budge.

I started this website to post all of my own reviews (mostly because I’m sick of re-reading books when I don’t remember the plot and then getting deja vu mid-way through and tossing it aside because I get bored after I remember how it ends)… Yeah, I’m that person. I thought other people might be able to  benefit from my stupid thoughts and intense feelings about (usually) fictional people. So, yeah…

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just get bored. I like people (despite what my peers might think). For the time being, goodreads is the best (pfffft, you mean only?) place to find me… so hop on over and don’t be shy.